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We are unique in that SpiritHorse International; together with its 80 licensed centers is the only center in America that provides all private therapeutic horseback riding services free to people with disabilities, children who are victims of abuse, battered women, children who are terminally ill, at-risk-youth, and wounded US Iraq and Afghanistan veterans in our "SpiritHorses for Heroes" program to be launched in September. In opening these 87 licensed centers we have assisted in the creation of over 535 new jobs in the US!

We currently serve over 400 children and adults FREE OF CHARGE at our Corinth, Texas facilities each week, and we have 110 children on our waiting list. We serve another 5,000 at our 80 centers worldwide, more than any organization in the world. Three hundred of these children have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. We operate seven days each week, twelve hours each day.

In ten years of operation, as the result of our research and development and the faithful application of our methods by our certified instructors, we have heard 104 children speak the first word of their lives, helped 59 children walk their first steps to reach their ponies, and seen 57 children sit up for the first time. A study by a leading medical school recently published in the peer-reviewed Journal for Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine showed that we moved 24 severely autistic children to mild autism and one to non-autistic in just six months of intervention with our research-based, award-winning methods.

The statistical analysis of the blinded measurements rated the improvement as "Significant". The study was also published by the National Institutes of Health in their review PubMed in January 2012. The study has been published in 10 other publications that provide the latest news of intervention with autism. We believe this to be the first study of intervention in autism with blinded measurements and statistical analysis. Other studies have been found to be based upon anecdotal information.

A study by Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, soon to be published in a European peer-reviewed medical journal showed identical statistical results and of 47 children who measured on the autism spectrum, 9 children measured in blinded Childhood Autism Rating Scale measurements as “Non-Autistic”.


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